The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act unit is comprised of a Sergeant. This unit specializes in crimes involving sex offenders, and their registration, classification, and notification. Under existing law, the Community Notification Act provides for the community notification of the release of sex offenders. Comprehensive registration and periodic address verification provides the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office information critical to preventing sexual victimization and to resolving incidents involving sexual abuse and exploitation.

This unit tracks over 100 sex offenders in Autauga County. Upon receiving the registration of the sex offender, the SORNA unit disseminates the registration to the local jurisdictions, and the State of Alabama Department of Public Safety. This unit is responsible for the notification of Sex Offenders in the unincorporated areas of Autauga County.  This unit is responsible for communicating all sex offenders’ information to other counties and states on sex offenders relocating in their counties and States. This unit will obtain warrants on all sex offenders who fail to comply with State Law. Sheriff Johnson understands the importance of this unit in tracking sex offenders and keeping communities informed and safe.

You can view a list of all sex offenders in Autauga County and sign up for email alerts at the following website.


Sgt. Troy Seamon   

(334) 361-2519

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